Why Hungary Should Not Be Overlooked As A Medical Tourism Destination

When it comes to medical tourism, Hungary is to Europe what Mexico is to the United States. Tens of thousands of people from Western and Central Europe visit Hungary each year looking for affordable dental care which usually isn’t covered by their universal health care plans. As health tourism continues to grow, Hungary has become one of the leading dental care travel destinations in the world. As technology continues to improve, making communications and travel significantly easier, Hungary has begun to improve healthcare standards and certifications in order to match their Western European neighbors.

Near the borders with Austria and Germany, in the northwestern Hungary, one can find a huge number of dental destinations. An example of this would be the border town of Mossonmagyarovar, located in Gyor-Moson-Sopron County, where a visitor can find 160 dental clinics that serve patients from all over the world. Hungary’s capital city, Budapest, which is also the largest and, quite noticeably, the most expensive city, is also the largest dental care destination for people who also wish to enjoy the various attractions Budapest has to offer.

Each Hungarian dentist has to complete a five year training program and they have to be registered with the Hungarian Medical Chamber in order to be allowed to practice. The chamer, along with the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the State National Health Commission, set the standards they must follow as well as handle their accreditation’s.

It should be noted, however, that these standards might not be followed to the letter. As seen in some other countries that are becoming more popular as medical travel destinations, such as Mexico and the Philippines, you can expect a wide disparity in service and skill between the towns that host dental clinics. Even the best clinics in Hungary can vary in their levels of spoken English and their customer service. Any medical traveler to Hungary should first do some research and make sure they are comfortable with the clinic they’ve chosen as well as the dentist they wish to visit beforehand. Make sure you look for recommendations made by other patients and search for a professional, trustworthy medical travel agent to arrange your trip for you.

Most Europeans that visit Hungary for their dental services look for a wide range of routine and complex treatments, whereas North Americans that visit the country to get dental care look for extensive procedures such as reconstructive and cosmetic work, full mouth restorations and implants. Procedures such as these can be had for less than half the price they would otherwise pay in the United States, even when we include the travel and accomodations costs. Some of the more notable dental facilities in Hungary are Kreativ Dental Clinic and Eurodent Aquadental Dental Clinic.

Budapest is famous worldwide as a cultural tourism center. Most of the sightseeing in Budapest revolves around the famous historical buildings such as the Great Synagogue, Siklos Castle and the Thermae Maiores baths Museum that showcases baths that were built for Roman garrisons stationed in the ancient city of Aquincum back in the second century AD. Ever since the time of the Roman Empire, countless travelers seeking wellness have visited the baths and hydrothermal spas in Hungary. These places still attract numerous visitors who come seeking to relieve stress and anxiety or in order to speed up the natural healing processes of their body.

One notable hydro-thermal region is located in the Carpathian Basin, an area where geothermal energy is abundant and it powers the spas located in small towns and large cities spread throughout the country. With the combination of the professional know-how and modern technologies aimed at care as well as therapeutic effects of thermal waters, spa hotels and resorts in Hungary offer cosmetic and beauty treatments of the highest quality. A trip to one of these locations may be the best way to recover following a dental care visit to Hungary.

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