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Polyclinic SMILE is located right next to the Croatia-Slovenia border, a mere 38km away from Trieste and 10km away from Opatija. You will be blown away by its ideal location as it is surrounded by nature and greenery.

In addition to their dental services, it also offers gastronomic specialties at the renowned restaurant “Tartuf”, as well as accommodation services. Its rustic atmosphere and pleasant hosts that are constantly available to you, will make you feel safe and relaxed.

About the SMILE clinic

Polyclinic SMILE was founded in 2011. Their team, lead by doctorDarkoSlovšo, have used their expertise, patient relations and excellent equipment to position SMILE as one of the leading clinics in Croatia. Doctor Slovša is a leading expert in the field of implantology in Croatia with over 12500 successful implant procedures, which is further confirmed by his titles of “Master of oral medicine in implantology” and “Master of science in implantology and dental surgery” issued to him by the International Medical College, at the university of WestfälischeWilhelms-Universität in Münster, Germany.

Two clinics (Opatija and Šapjane), over 40 employees, incredible experience, ISO 9001 certificate for oral surgery and implantology, quality without compromise, fully digital stomatology, the center of excellence for the world renowned manufacturers Planmeca, Melag and Fotona, along with all the services being offered at a single location and the availability of the latest equipment are their guarantees that you will get only the very best of services.

They continuously follow the development of new technologies and implement anything that makes their jobs easier and allow them to offer faster, safer and more precise service.

Their most valuable resources are their employees. Dental clinic SMILE has two locations that employ nearly 40 hard working and experienced people who are always there for you.

Disinfection, sterilization and control protocol

Standardized processes of disinfection and sterilization, rigorous control of instrument, equipment and surface sterility as well as disinfection, hygiene and control of spaces and personnel at the SMILE clinics are at a significantly higher level compared to what is usually seen in dental clinics or the levels required by law.

SMILE clinics have well defined internal protocols that are part of the ISO 9001 standard for oral surgery and implantology. This means that every single activity is recorded and controlled so that it is always known which of the medical staff were responsible for each of the activities during the process of sterilization and disinfection. After each cycle of sterilization, each instrument gets a mark that records when it was sterilized and who was responsible for it.

Microbiological control of the sterilizers is done once a month, even though it is customary to do it once or twice a year. Once a year dental chairs and other surfaces at the clinic are checked for cleanliness. This control is not mandatory, however it and the microbiological control of the sterilizers are done by independent third party institutions and specialized companies.

All of their investments in the equipment and work processes are guided by the desire to have complete control over the hygiene at the clinics at any given moment and to be 100% certain that there are no pollutants that might put the health of their patients at risk and reduce the successfulness of their work.

ISO 9001 for implantology and oral surgery

Most clinics rarely have an ISO standard for stomatology, and especially for oral surgery and implantology. Maintaining the ISO standard means that there are specific procedures and that everyone in the system of those procedures follows them to the letter.

Even though ISO standardization is not mandatory nor defined by law, it means safety for patients as well as making sure that everyone gets the same, standardized conditions and the exact same level of service.

Polyclinic SMILE services

Polyclinic SMILE can offer every service available in the field of dental medicine. Specialization and focus lies on oral surgery and implantology.

Additional information

ISO 9001 for oral surgery and implantology.

Croatian center of excellence for some of the leading manufacturers of dental equipment such as Planmeca, Melag and Fotona.

Digital stomatology during every phase of diagnosis and therapy, complete cleanliness and hygience of spaces, guaranteed sterility of equipment, instruments and machines, adherence to the process and quality of sterilization, quality without compromises and rigorous adherence to the highest standards, dental procedures under sedation and anesthesia, usage of the best available solutions, laser technology, bone replacements enhanced using blood plasma from the patients themselves. Certified Bone Management Competence Center.

Equipment used at the SMILE clinic

Finnish company Planmeca is one of the largest manufacturers of high tech dental equipment, and their dental chairs are of the highest quality on the market. Smile clinics, as a Planmeca reference centar, are fully equipped with Planmeca equipment so that the patients can feel as comfortable as possible during their procedures.

They are equipped with a 3D CT scanner of the latest generation which means radiation emission is as low as possible which protects your health and offers an incredible level of precision during the scans.

They also use Fotona laser systems as a less invasive method of processing and treating tissues. Smile clinics are Fotonaexcellency centers.

All of their dentists use Orascoptic lenses with 2.5 times magnification, which increases their precision and allows them to perfect their work.

Smile is also the excellency center for Melag, a renowned German manufacturer of equipment and systems for sterilization.


Why Polyclinic Smile?

The most experience in implantology and the largest number (over 10000) of successfully installed implants,

The only clinics in the region with the highest title in implantology – Master of oral medicine in implantology,

ISO 9001 certificate for oral surgery and implantology,

Dental procedures and surgeries in complete sedation and anesthesia,

Warm, human approach in consultations and clarifications of individual procedures to the patients,

Digital dental services,

3D CT, Face Scan, Arcus Digma, OmniCam 3D digital intraoral camera, CamSight, Imes-Icore 550i,

Fast and painless treatment with the usage of the latest technology,

Light Walker Laser, Cerec CAD CAM, inLAB XL, SpectroShade, Cavitron, Ozone, Piezzo technology for bone surgery,

2 polyclinics at the top locations, at the center of Opatija and Šapjane, just beyond the border,

Bone Management Center, platelet rich plasma therapy,

Absolute cleanliness of spaces, instruments, equipment and machines, MELAG center of excellency for Croatia,

Equipment of the highest quality made by the leading world manufacturers, Planmeca center of excellency for Croatia, Fotona center of excellency for Croatia,

Usage of certified materials and implants backed up by written warranties that you receive alongside the bill,

2 polyclinics, 17 doctors, 14 high end ordinations, around 40 employees,

Team of high end experts: MOM, DarkoSlovša,, oral surgery and implantology Anja ŠušnjarPrijić,,implantology Ivo Gašparac,, prosthetic specialist

In-house dental laboratory,

Complete diagnostic and all dental services on a single location,

Pain management, face aesthetic (Restylan, Teosyal, Botox), acupuncture,

Tax deductible, bills issued in the patient’s language,

Prices up to 3x lower compared to Italy,

Up to 20% in discounts depending on the payment type,

Smile Card that can be used for discounts in restaurants, hotels and stores in Opatija and surrounding areas,

The possibility of financing larger procedures

How to reach the polyclinic Smile?

Smile clinic is located by the seaside, along the famous promenade Lungomare at the very center of Opatija. As a famous tourist destination, Opatija is well connected to central Europe. With a mere 55km away from the Italian border and 480km away from Milan, 470km away from Florence and 220km away from Venice, you can drive to Opatija within a day.

Within 200km around Opatija you can find several international airports (Rijeka – 40km, Pula – 100km, Trieste – 105km, Ljubljana – 130km, Zagreb – 180km, Venice – 220km), and if you prefer to travel by train, the closest train station is in Trieste (Stazione di Trieste Centrale – 70km). We are able to organize transport for any patient arriving by plane or train to and from the airport or the train station in Trieste.

With its walkways, parks, restaurants, bars and wellness services, Opatija is an excellent location to visit for a short vacation during the entire year. Spend a few relaxing days with your family or friends and do something good for your health.

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