Should You Visit A Shaman At A Spa?

For most people, the spas are a place where they can heal, regroup or make a transition in life. They may have gone through a divorce, someone may have passed away or they may be facing a big decision ahead of them. And even though a massage can be relaxing, it can only do so much and can’t really help you reach your intuitive side.

In order to help with that process, some spas offer metaphysical spa services. These include spending time with a shaman, tarot card readings, psychic massages, energy healings, aura-soma readings, soul retrievals and so on. This is especially true in the Southwest, where you can find some of the best spas in the country offering services that basically give you spiritual guidance.

There are numerous examples of this movement in the world. For instance, in 2014, Canyon Ranch Tucson opened a Spiritual Wellness Center where they provide services to their guests that help them explore and connect on a deeper level with the things that bring value, purpose and meaning to their lives. There is a number of issues the guests can explore there, from grief and loss to life changes and creating a spiritual legacy, regardless of their own spiritual background.

North of Scottsdale, Arizona is the Spa at The Boulders in Carefree. There you will find an outdoor tipi where you can find intention and prayer cards. You are welcome to sit in silence, fill in a card with your personal intention and then place it among all the other cards left by the people who came there before you. Should you request it, a therapist will meet up with you there to perform a simple sage clearing. There is also a labyrinth you can walk through, which is a traditional tool for spiritual contemplation.

Miami Beach is a home to the Faena Hotel where a Mexican shaman has been invited to develop treatments that rely on sound and vibrations from singing bowls, as well as warm oils from the sacred South American Palo Santo trees as well as Brazilian Rose stones.

In Sedona you can find Mii Amo where many gifted therapists and energy healers gather. An Aura Soma practicioner, Bhakta Ruttiger, uses the language of color to tell you more about your life. You can also find numerous other gifted energy healers and therapists.

In Tucson, Arizona, you can find Miraval. Miraval offers a great number of specialty bodywork procedures. These include intuitive massage as well as Spirit Flight, which combines shamanism, acupuncture, drumming, therapeutic massage, spinal allignment as well as CranioSacral Therapy. It uses chumpi stones to balance energy with a healing method used to restore and elevate feelings of physical vitality, mental clarity and emotional confidence.

The Earth Mother, or Pachamama, is a benevolent, life giving deity followed by the indigenous people of the Andes. This ceremony, inspired by the ancient Incan shamanistic traditions, utilizes and celebrates Pachamama’s vibrnt energy to improve the connection between the mind, body and heart. The practicioners use chumpi stones to balance energy with a healing method used to restore and elevate feelings of physical vitality, mental clarity and emotional confidence.

A vision quest for the soul, this healing, Shamanistic ceremony combines modalities from all over the world in order to bring balance and power up one’s spiritual, psycho/emotional and physical being. Using reiki, drumming and reflexology massage of one’s extremities, it blends sacred acupuncture points of enlightenment from Tibet with shamanic healing practices derived from Native Americans.

Over at the Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole you can have a Soul Reading. Amansala Eco-Chic Resort and Retreat in Tulum can offer the services of several experienced shamans. Also, over in Connecticut you can find the Norwich Inn where Paula Upton, who is described as a clairvoyant, clairaudient and emphatic does Tarot card readings.

It is said that sound can heal, change and create. Sound waves produced by singing bowls harmonise the brain as well as stimulate the body to rediscover its own frequency. The bowls produce different frequencies such as alpha, beta, gamma, theta and others. These frequencies are carried throughout the body by the water in our cells. These frequencies help with the release of repressed emotions and help simulate the feelings of happiness and joy. Different bowls are used during the session. They are placed around and on your body while you are reclined on your back. By doing this, the therapist can tune into your harmonic frequency and in doing so, clear your aura and chakras.

My Shamanic Journey

I have been through my fair share of these kinds of metaphysical experiences over the years and a lot depends on the training, skillfulness and the talent of the person performing them. For instance, I would put a lot of trust in the programs offered at Canyon Ranch. They have a great Spiritual Wellness Center where I’ve had a wonderful Shamanic journey with Jonathan Ellerby, who is the formenr spiritual programs director, a service that is now a bit different and called a Soul Journey.

Initially we had to decide on whether we should have just a consulation or go for a full on experience. According to Ellerby, he said that whenever he could not make a decision, he would visualize the choices and imagine what each choice would feel like, which helped him figure out what he actually wanted. After that he would follow his intuition.

Following his method, we then decided to talk for a little bit and then go on a journey. The journey part took place in a round room that almost resembled a cave. The two of us talked about what was going on in my life after which he asked me to lay down on a „magic carpet“, which was a comfortable mattress wired up to a sound system that allowed me to literally feel the vibrations of the music. As I was laying under a blanket and feeling the music that played, Jonathan asked me questions and guided me through a visualization while he played a drum. This led to me going on a trip to my inner being. The things you see during this guided visualization are extremely personal as you are the one creating them for yourself.

When To Walk Away

There are also examples of people who wouldn’t be allowed to work at such a spa. For instance, there was a sign at the local crystal shop that advertised „past life reading“ and I decided to go for it. The lady that read my past asked if I was afraid of fire. Despite I said no, she said she saw me burning to death in my previous life, which was about as good as my past lives got. In order to get over it, I had to spend a month in therapy and now that I remember it, perhaps I never really did.

This sort of experience would never happen at a well known spa as their shamans, therapists or intuitives understand that they are not there to tell people about the bad stuff they might sense, but they are there to support the people who come to visit them seeking answers.

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