Polyclinic Cukon

Polyclinic Cukon was founded in 2002 and it was built around the desire and need to provide their clients with a broad specter of dental services, combined with extreme professionalism and usage of exclusive materials and high-quality technology. In 200 square meters of office spaces you can find three dental offices with their own dental laboratory. This dental clinic is in Pula, Croatia. Pula is the largest city on the Istrian peninsula and its historic capital. It is spread across seven hills and serves as an important center for tourists from all over the world. Their clinic, equipped with their own parking spaces, is at the center of Pula, from where you can easily reach the old city, beaches, stores, restaurants and any other services and locations you may wish to visit while staying here.

Patients that contact their clinic are offered medical diagnosis and a detailed bill free of charge and without any obligations, so they can easily tell what treatments they need and how much those would cost. They focus greatly on offering several personalized types of treatment after the analysis of the x-rays. Every patient is informed in detail about the available and possible treatments based on their health conditions which lets them choose what suits their needs best.

Through serious efforts of their team, they always strive to accommodate the needs of every patient. They use world renowned technology and highest quality materials with the goal of achieving the best possible result.

Their clinic is equipped with the latest available technology and their staff, including doctor Cukon, are constantly educated and follow the latest trends in the field of dental medicine. Furthermore, considering the ever-growing influx of patients from all over the world, the staff at the Cukon polyclinic are fluent in English and Italian.

Why choose polyclinic Cukon ?

Their clinic uses only the best and most advanced technologies available in dental medicine. Their equipment and techniques are their guarantee for long lasting and optimal results. In order to guarantee long term happiness of their patients, they use only the highest quality implants such as Straumann and Nobel Biocare. In teeth whitening, they use the ZOOM lamp which allows them to get the best results. In addition, in aesthetic medicine of rejuvenation and mesotherapy (surface and deep layer application of dermal filters through intra-epidermal and intra-dermal methods) they use Princess filters made by the renowned Austrian manufacturer CROMA and Juvederm filters made by ALLERGAN from France.

Extremely high demand for medical services abroad is motivated by economic reasons but also due to the high quality of not only dental services, but in other medical fields as well, though dental medicine has shown the greatest potential to become a mass phenomenon. Among various professionals and specialists in medicine, dental ones are the most expensive which is why more and more people focus on foreign markets, mostly eastern Europe. In the last couple of years, Croatia has managed to earn its prestigious spot on this list and is the preferred choice for the Italians. In addition to significantly lower prices, its closeness and location that offers numerous advantages and savings is also key. Plus Croatia has been an extremely popular tourist destination for a number of years now.

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