Make Your Own Delicious Cocoa Body Scrub

This incredible home made cocoa body scrub will not only exfoliate your skin, but it will also stimulate your senses. When you add in the sugar, you will definitely be tempted to give it a lick. Furthermore, this is the perfect body scrub for any couple that seeks to have a very sensual experience. The recipe included will make just enough body scrub for two, so go grab your significant other and have a good time!

Cocoa isn’t only famous because it tastes good. It is very rich in polyphenols, which is a group of antioxidant compounds that can be found in tea and red wine as well and they have a protective effect on our body. This makes it very good for your skin.


½ cup brown sugar

3 tablespoons cocoa powder

⅛ cup melted cocoa butter

¼ cup sweet almond oil


Use low heat to melt the cocoa butter. Combine all of the ingredients using a small bowl. If you can, use a rubber bown to mix it in, preferably one without pores and that is also oil resistant. This will make cleaning it much easier. Use a large wooden stick or a clean spoon and mix it all until you get a nice, even mix. And you’re done!

If you want to kick the aroma up a bit, you can add some sweet orange essential oil or a pinch of cinnamon.

How To Use Your Home-made Cocoa Body Scrub

Once you have made your cocoa body scrub, go to the bathroom and add some extras such as candles. This will turn a regular home body scrub into a nurturing experience that feels like a visit to the spa. Here are a few top tips you can use to make your home body scrub experience even better.

Place a towel on the side of the tub and sit on it. Put your legs inside the tub and put a small amount of the cocoa scrub on one part of your dry body, like your lower leg, for example. And then start rubbing. The sugar is abrasive and as such it will start removing dead skin cells.

Spend roughly two minutes on each part of your body as doing it too quickly will yield poor or even no results.

While you’re sitting, scrub your arms, both sides and underarms, legs, both fron and back, back of your neck, belly, shoulders and decolletage. Move your hand in a clockwise direction while scrubbing your belly and make sure you go lightly on the delicate skin of your breasts.

Stand up in the tub and start working on your sides, behind and back. As it is nearly impossible to reach the center of your back, you may have to ask someone else to help you or you can use a long skin brush to reach it yourself. This is also a good time to wipe away loose scrubs so they can fall into the bathtub.

Once you’re done with that, sit back down and give your feet a good scrub.

Once you’re all done, it’s time to rinse off the scrub with water. Start by rinsing your feet while you’re still sitting in order to avoid slipping in the tub. Get up, shake off any sugar off the towel into the tub and leave it outside, then start the shower. Step into the shower and let the water wash off the scrub off your body. Make sure you check your entire body and wash it all off as you really don’t want to have any sugar crystals left anywhere. At this point you will notice your skin being much smoother.

It is important to avoid using soap as it will wash off the hydrating oil on your skin.

Once you’re all done, make sure you check inside and around the tub to make sure there is no greasy residue as someone may slip on it.

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