Dental Polyclinic Arena

Polyclinic ARENA is a specialized health institution with the ISO 9001:2015 certificate of quality in periodontology, implantology, prosthetics, orthodoncy and oral surgery.

Along periodontology, which is crucial in maintaining the health of your teeth during your lifetime, they are also devoted to aesthetic and implantological solutions as healthy and pretty teeth are the best formula for the perfect smile!

A team of top specialists work at the polyclinic Arena, enjoying their job and their interactions with their patients, as well as other employees who are always available to their patients as they want to make your stay at Arena to be a unique and pleasant experience.

They offer the best available dental solutions, continuous medical support, individual approach, oral hygiene education, high quality materials and warranties for all implants and prosthetics for their patients.

In addition to their very own dental laboratory, 3D (CBCT) digital orthopan, and several well equipped offices, they also have a specialized surgery theater where implant and surgical procedures take place. Furthermore, they also offer high quality post and pre operation care for their patients according to the highest world standards.

Visiting the polyclinic Arena is simple and easy, and they also have a large parking in front of the clinic as well as ramps for the disabled people or parents with small children.


Dental polyclinic ARENA is equipped with the top of the line surgery theatre where they perform surgical procedures to fix any and all teeth issues.

In a pleasant, recently renovated area where they are located they have 7 well equipped offices that follow the highest world standards for maximum patient comfort. They combine high end dental knowledge and experience with the best diagnostic and therapy technology and high quality materials available in order to give you the highest standard of service with complete safety and comfort.

All instruments used in their offices are sterilized and disinfected or used only once (aprons, gloves, masks, cups, suctions, anesthetic needles, root canal needles and so on). Safety and patient protection are their highest priority.

In addition to highly standardized sterilization and disinfection procedures through which every single instrument has to go through, down to the tiniest ones, it is also important to note that other objects, equipment parts and furniture pieces are also disinfected on a regular basis.


0800 66 88

+385 1 6542 655

+385 91 2244 156 (WHATSAPP & VIBER)


Remetinečkigaj 2k, 10020 Zagreb (Novi Zagreb)


Monday – Friday 08:00 – 21:00h

Saturday 08:00 – 15:00h

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