Dental clinic Matanić

Dental clinic Matanić is located in Punat, on the island of Krk (established in 2008), following over 30 years of tradition of Matanić clinics in Izola, Slovenia. The clinic is among the best equipped dental clinics on Krk and they guarantee the quality and safety of the materials they use.

Combining knowledge, experience and skills they aim to give utmost attention and quality of service to their patients.

Every patient is approached individually, dedicating the highest quality of service to achieve the end result – healthy smile and a happy patient.

Equipment and materials at Dental Matanić

It is extremely important to Dental Matanić for their patients to feel safe and relaxed while visiting. As such, their offices have only the best equipment and materials to make that possible.

You can be certain that all of their instruments undergo a precise program of sterilization according to the highest world standards.

They can also create RTG shots using their top of the line KODAK 2000 device which is attested on a regular basis.

Prices at Dental Matanić

Comparing their prices to the prices in other European countries such as Italy, Austria and Germany, you can easily see what kind of savings you can get. They range up to 50% and with implants and prosthetics, between 50-70%.

This is one of the reasons why more and more patients from these countries visit Croatia to get dental treatments.

In addition to affordable prices, there are other benefits as well:



A chance for a relaxing vacation

Learning foreign languages


The prices of dental services in Croatia are much lower compared to the prices you will find in other EU countries, while the quality and service are on the same level. Compare the prices for yourself and you will find you can save anywhere between 30 to 50%!

Dental service Price

Tartar removal

246kn (roughly 34€)

Teeth whitening

2214kn (roughly 300€)

Composite fillings

220-300kn (roughly 29-40€)

Root canal

350-600kn (roughly 50–80€)

Metal ceramic crown

1200-1500kn (roughly 162-200€)

All-ceramic crown

2200kn (roughly 297€)

Zircon-ceramic crown

2500kn (roughly 338€)

Complete prosthetic

2000-3000kn (roughly 270-406€)

Partial prosthetic

3000-3500kn (roghly 406-472€)

Tooth implant

6500kn (roughly 878€)

Travel arrangement package for dental services

Travel arrangements for dental services include staying in Punat as well as a reservation for your first checkup. It also includes tartar removal. You can stay in one of the apartments from which you can reach the clinic on foot. You can enjoy your stay on Krk while at the same time having your teeth issues resolved at significantly lower prices.

What if I need to stay longer as a result of my teeth checkup?

In case that your free teeth checkup determines that you need some repairs and that you need to stay longer as a result, they can arrange for a longer stay while you’re on Krk.


Kljepina 16

51521 Punat (Krk), HR

Tel. 00385 51 854 766

Fax. 00385 51 854 766

Cell. 00385 99 190 81 54


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