Dental Center B2

Dental Center B2 is a dental medicine office that combines everything that modern dental medicine demands: successful method of prevention, high end experts for aesthetic dental medicine and surgery with implantation as well as a hostel for recovery at the clinic complex, and all this at the very center of Zagreb. And this is what makes this dental clinic different from others.

In addition to being equipped with the latest available technology, including Planmeca Pro Max 3d CBCT CT and orthopan, their team of experts is led by specialists of oral surgery with numerous years of experience, Andrej Božić and PetarBago, which themselves are supporters of early prevention and are continuously perfecting their trade.

What is the Center for Oral Hygiene?

The Center for Oral Hygiene was established as a part of Dental Center B2 to put emphasis on the fact that with regular teeth cleaning it is possible to diagnose issues early on and prevent them from spreading. Did you know that individual preventative therapy as well as regular checkups can reduce dental issues by up to 90%? No matter how well you brush your teeth at home, there are always issues that can only be recognized by your dentist. This applies for simple cavities as well as much larger periodontology issues that can lead to tooth loss, after which you will need implantology. Therefore, it is important to visit your dentist at least twice a year.

Dental Center B2 has opened the Connect hostel!

Considering that the hostel is located on the second, and the clinic on the highest floor of the same building, Dental Center B2 has completely fulfilled their intention to provide accommodations for their patients to make their recovery as easy as possible. Patients can relax in privacy but can also be sure that at any moment they can get information about their procedure from the experts as well as stay close to the clinic. The clinic and hostel staff speak English, German and Italian so foreign guests won’t encounter a language barrier during their stay.

Even the name Connect wasn’t random. In addition to the pleasant ambiance, the goal was to create a space for the patients to meet as they come from all over the world so they can make new friendships, connections and maybe even business partnerships.

Dental Centar b2

Gradišćanska 36

10 000 Zagreb

+385 1 5802 333

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