Dentabel dental medicine center

Dentabel dental medicine center is in Kaštelir, only a few kilometers away from the tourist center Poreč.

Thirty years of experience is their guarantee that the service they provide is of the highest quality.

Due to the growing number of patients who’ve recognized the high level of dental services they offer, dr. LadislavRickijević has moved his clinic to a modern and well equipped dental office not far from Poreč, in Kaštelir. The office is equipped with the latest available dental equipment which allows them to provide their patients with quick and quality care, individual approach and the best service available.

In addition to doctor Ladislav, doctor Igor Rickijević will also bring back the smile to your face. He is a young and experienced enthusiast and a member of both the Croatian and the Italian chamber of dental medicine. After completing his studies at the Dental college at the Gabriele d’Annunzio university in Pescara, Italy, he has been continuously perfecting his skills, expanding his education and specializing on world renowned universities in the fields of endodoncy, implantology, periodontology and aesthetic dental medicine.

Dental tourism in Croatia shows its maximum value when it comes to fixed replacements with implants and ceramic crowns.

The savings are between 50 and 70% compared to Germany and Italy!

But regardless of the price difference, their center for dental medicine offers only the highest quality ANKYLOS implants made by a world renowned German company DENTSPLY.

So far, they’ve done over ten thousand implants at their center.

Individual approach, strict operative protocols and highest quality German implants are an excellent basis for the creation of prosthetic replacements following the highest standards.

Zircon-ceramic crowns and various mobile solutions will please all their patients’ aesthetic needs.

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